I think I am going to kvetch here.


It’s a Sunday and I have signed up to blog at The Pagan and the Pen. To do it I need to put on my WordPress hat.

I have so many blogs already, but Myspace blog, ‘Helgaleena says’, where I wanted to do my romance business, is not working due to evil msplinks that thinks everything at http://www.darkroastpress.com is spam.  Perhaps I will repost what is worthy here. There are so many thinkings involved with putting links up.  The Hutt’s brain moves slowly across the webs.

What I have been mainly doing is crocheting, combing words, nursing a paraplegic old pet, and recovering from my own health problems, which I could not do fully until now until the visits to and from relatives and the supervision of contractors was concluded.

But damn, I lived. They need me alive.  And smiling when possible.


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