Pottery, Druidry & Christianity | Order of Bards Ovates and Druids guest post

Pottery, Druidry & Christianity | Order of Bards and Druids.

I am giving link and quotes from the blog of the Druid group OBOD, our neo-Pagan siblings.

This is the essay of a Canadian member of RDNA called Sebastien Beaudoin,

about how ceramics helped him to understand druidry.

I take it to heart because I too, began in ceramics.

The little girl who was to become Helgaleena used to ride around happily upon her mother’s kick-wheel as if it were a carousel, when that mother was pursuing her MFA. She wed herself to the Earth with a piece of atelier solder, fortuitously shaped like a ring.

Later, during my own study of ‘studio arts’ I was much influenced by the study of its chemistry, physics, and choreography.  At the same time that I joined the group called ‘Druids’ I was exploring my own incarnation here, and the retorts and furnaces of the ceramic arts  were my personal road to alchemy as well as dance.  My final project was a tripartite melding of ceramics and ritual through which I explored the divinity in all things as filtered through me.

I got ‘er done, as they say.  Then my vessel broke and I have spent decades on its mending, a real ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’.  I can’t actually make the pots anymore; I’m arthritic and uprooted from what forces it requires.  The deep bodily wisdom earned from it though, I refer to daily.

We are vessels, just as are the vessels we create, and we have a hand in our own shaping on many energetic levels.  That is all I will attempt to convey in this short posting. It is the sort of wisdom which athletes know in their bloodstream and limbs, which therapists utilize in prescribing, relieving, listening. It is wisdom which can give each of us the keys to ourselves, if only we will seek it.  And by our fruits you shall know us; we are living instruments that do not crumble as fast as clay, even clay that has been through fire.

It is so very heartening to know that I am not alone in choosing a particular ‘road less traveled’.


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