The Big Idea: Catherine Lundoff – Scalzi’s Whatever guest post

The Big Idea: Catherine Lundoff – Whatever.

Catherine Lundoff writes FF books. I think she’s onto something when she says,
The werewolves of Wolf’s Point are called into being by the ancient magic of the place where they live. It picks and chooses which women will serve as the valley’s protectors, deciding who will change and who will not, based on a logic all its own. Sometimes, it makes mistakes.

Becca thinks she might be one of the latter; it must have meant to pick someone else and somehow got her by mistake. But then, she thinks that about a lot of things. In this respect, Becca was a hard character for me to write. Like her, I’m a middle-aged woman just entering menopause. Unlike her, I’m not terribly introspective or insecure about what I’m doing. Of course, I’m also not dealing with the changes she’s wrestling with.

That, really, was what I was hoping to capture in this novel: the experience of change, both physical and psychological, that is absolutely earth shattering. I wanted to examine what an ordinary woman does with those kinds of events. Menopause is a time in a woman’s life where her body feels like it’s transforming into something else, something alien, and potentially monstrous. Not unlike changing into a werewolf…

The Big Idea: Catherine Lundoff – Whatever

I am Helga the Hutt on the Internet. I too feel the monster in me like an inner truth that cannot be ignored. Writing and making art are ways of handling that discomfort with what I am, instead of what I have been told to be, by forces internal and external. It is a dilemma all humans face, I think.

That is is triggered in her tale by the place makes it Druid. We all become the place where we live for a longer time, drinking its water and eating the crops and creatures grown on its soil. Subtle forces too, whether ley lines or radons, impact us as greatly as architecture.

We are monsters.

only less fun, at least from my perspective.


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