Open To Healing — Jupiter Square Chiron

Open To Healing — Jupiter Square Chiron.

“In the elemental sense, Jupiter and Chiron are currently at odds. Air and water do not join to promote stability, but they do present a unique horizon. Where air meets water, the sky expands to infinite possibility. That’s Jupiter expressing through Gemini. Where water meets air, the depths of love and truth rise to the sky, without separation, seamless and whole for as far as the eyes can see. That’s Chiron in Pisces. The same horizon exists with you.”

Thanks to Stephanie, aka Princess Coffeebean, at Soulgarden, for finding me this link.

We are also beset by extra spectacular solar flare activity this summer. Thanks to Jake Arturio Braden, another Soulgarden friend, for this link.

Locally, the drought has broken and I am no longer hauling emergency buckets to the Grove. But it remains hard to relax into gratitude for the first fruits, as unrest boils beneath the surface, manifests in strange outbursts worldwide, nearly beyond grasping. And so like a silly this ArchDruid is willing to take comfort from the stars. As Jack Horkheimer always says, ‘Keep looking up’

star hustler


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