Female Druids– reprint from the Magical Buffet

Female Druids.

” Most modern Pagans are Wiccans or Witches, according to the few surveys that have been done; we Druids are still
a tiny minority. Women of Celtic heritage have told me that they did not pursue the Druid path because “the Druids were all
men”. But as more and more women study Celtic history, get degrees, do research, write books and teach in the colleges,
the word is finally getting out that this is not so. But for millennia it has been a well kept secret…. ”

Historical re constructionist and renowned herbalist Ellen Evert Hopman presents an excellent perspective on the proper place of females in the Celtic tradition of Druidry. I never let it come between me and my Druidism, as I never have aspired to Celtic ‘roots’ for it. Nature is an ordinary part of life according to the Slovak and Finnish bloodlines I do have, and labeling them ‘Druid’ is just a top-coating. For those who like their Druid stylin’ from somewhere farther south and east, with plenty of Ogham and knotwork, Here are your selling points.

Female Druids



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