A sacred space


Nimue Brown talks about the different sorts of sacred space we require as Druids. I delineate two types. One is public and in my Grove. One is private and in my Bed.

Since Spirit is in all things, as Nimue puts it, no place is completely profane. Yet we can feel their sanctity on a continuum, and increase that feeling with intent and ritual.

My practice as Reiki healer deals with similar intensification through intent. The healing is more effectively transmitted when my mind and heart are clear and focused, and I am not slipshod about the preliminaries. Harmony is best achieved with care. Care is manifesting your love of what you do.

Sacred space is any space which you are able to use ‘in a sacred manner’, as my Native American role models would say. Here, now, I celebrate. Here, now, I express thanks. Here, now I experience oneness with Nature.

Sometimes, I must do it within, privately, and sometimes I can share it with the rest of you, in the Grove.

Peace, peace, peace.

Druid Life

I think spirit is in all things, so am wary about ways of thinking that suggest anywhere could be ‘unsacred’. However, the kinds of relationships we have with spaces will inform how spiritual we feel in them. There are places that are more sacred, I think. I like cathedrals for the atmosphere of love and reverence built up over centuries. I love Avebury for the same reasons. I struggle to feel a sense of sacred connection on garage forecourts, in crowded shopping centres and on traffic islands. That’s as much about how I am interacting with the space as anything else.

One of the features of the boat, is that we do not have a permanent bed. Narrow boats being six feet wide, double beds are tricky. Permanent single beds pose no problems, but our solution rolls back and forth on a daily basis. Most of the time, the bed…

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