Insanity mathematics can’t add up ~ Nimue Brown

A thing can’t grow if all you do is cut it down. Economics should take some lessons from common sense. Thank you, Nimue Brown.

Druid Life

When you want to expand a business, you invest, and do something new, or do more of something you had established was working. Your put profits back in, to pay for development, or you borrow some money against anticipated future returns. No one attempts to grow a company by taking money out of it, cutting staff, and doing less. No one sane, at any rate. Sure, you might do a bit of economising now and then, efficiency drives are good, but in a company that is, and will be thriving, the economy drive is there to free up time and resources for more productive things. You don’t just cut back and assume that will achieve something all by itself.

I’m not an accountant, or an economist, I have a GCSE in maths. I have worked as a self-employed person for a lot of years now and I know a lot…

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