RDNA Archdruid guest posting from Arlington Cemetery

“Strength in Frailty”, a Samhain Meditation 2013

Chapter the First
1. Samhain is upon us, and I was surrounded by a colorful reminder of the demise of all things.
2. There is no greater matter which weighs upon our existence than our non-existence.
3. One could go on forever about how we will not go on forever.
4. An unpleasant subject for some, but unavoidable. Here are my thoughts today.

Chapter the Second
1. My missive to you is brought by the marvel of the internet.
2. The paragon of mankind’s achievements. Symbolic of our strength in frailty.
3. All the electrons of the internet, accumulated, would weigh less than the matter of one grain of rice.
4. A splendid creation that is one high-altitude EMP away from oblivion.
5. We each consume an immense quantity of organisms (including grains of rice) in our struggle to stay alive, until we too feed the efforts of others, both with our body, and the works of our mind and heart.
6. Even the greatest of us walk this earth, just one heart beat from death.

Chapter the Third
1. Man’s creations and knowledge would decay and disappear from the face of the earth in 5000 years without maintenance after an apocalypse.
2. In our 5 million year history, the last 50,000 have been startling to our fellow beasts, the last 5000 have been recorded in furrows of fields, and the last 500 have been mind-boggling prolific in culture, and the last 50 years have been white-hot in production.
3. Death is a great demotivator for the gloomy, and a terrifying spur to inspiration for others to feverishly materialize their dreams and leave a mark on the world before their inner-clock rings out the unexpected deadline.
4. The drama of mankind’s march through history is breath-taking in billions of private and public acts, at once tragic, comedic and romantic, lost by the passage of time, with or without an audience.

Chapter the Fourth
1. Yet we continue. We create. We reproduce. We teach.
2. As animals teach hunting and grazing techniques to their young, we pass our culture and traditions to our next generation of understudies to take our place.
3. Oh, the strength and bravery in the face of our frailty and temporality.
4. The uncertainty of our future, the fuzzy recollection of where we came from.
5. The clarity and preciousness of our current moment, irreproducibly unique.
6. Here, huddled together, our bickering seething mass of humanity , spread thinly over the face of the world, ever crowding out room for other actors in the global ecosphere.
7. We, the humans, chewing the scenery and shouting our parts in a poorly coordinated psychodrama.

Chapter the Fifth
1. What role will I play? What will my final lines be, before I too shuffle off this mortal coil?
2. And will there await me applause, jeering, stunned murmuring, or an empty theatre?
3. I give you no answers. That would be spoilers.
4. I can only hope to later hand you a fragile blossom that has sprung from the dead slumber of the frozen ground, and share its message of renewed hope from long suffering despair.
5. Samhain. A new act in the sacred drama has begun.
6. The curtains and veils are lifted momentarily again.
7. I must step between them and perform.
8. Will you join me and Them as we gather again for a repeat tour de force?

Rest in peace… rest in peace… rest in peace….

By Mike the Fool
Archdruid of Arlington
Day 3 of Geimreadh, Year LI
November 3, 2013 c.e.
Written in a dark cave under Arlington (Metro Station).
Dedicated to all who have passed on in the last four seasons.

Reformed Druids of North America (RDNA)

Mike the Fool is best known as compiler of the Reformed Druid Anthology (ARDA) available free to all at http://rdna.info

Sermon first appeared at Facebook.
Reformed Druids of North America (RDNA).


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