Symbolism of the Pineal Gland – Temple Illuminatus

Nature is good. And the microcosm is a gateway to the macrocosm. In fact, it is the only reliable one, completely subject to the individual’s workings. External achievements will crumble or conflict with those of others, equally short-sighted as ourselves.

The New Year begun on Samhain is also a turning within in the north, a time for inner work. In the south it is a time to prepare for planting. The external world is not quite ready to sow anything, even there.

My nation has moved Thanksgiving– which in Canada occurs before All Hallows– even closer to the Christmas buying frenzy. Our thanks is not on the third Thursday this year, but the fourth Thursday… our thanks will be thin fertilizer for the future after winter’s trials. Touch the seed within. Re-align. Ground. Remember. Peace peace peace.

Omphalos in the Vatican

Symbolism of the Pineal Gland – Temple Illuminatus.


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