A Winter Solstice Tale: Ereshkigal & Our Beauty and Wounding | Path of She

A Winter Solstice Tale: Ereshkigal & Our Beauty and Wounding | Path of She.

Solstice Inanna/Ereshkigal.

The bright Venus sister of fertility and war went under the earth voluntarily, in most ancient times. Unlike Kore/Persephone, she did not have to be kidnapped and carried there. And as she entered each of the inner gates she gave up another layer of outer ornament until there was nothing left to give up but her life– like a plant going to seed.

Ereshkigal held her there until the time for rebirth had come. Then a bee came and carried news of Inanna to the surface. Very soon she arose in all her youth and strength and tossed out the usurper to her throne at the vernal equinox. Similarly, Persephone/Kore had in her belly the seeds of the pomegranate she had eaten that mandated her return to the throne of Hades after gladdening the earth and her mother Demeter.

The Greeks were wholly upon Demeter’s side, not valuing the land of the dead or understanding the unseen source of earth’s fertility. Ereshkigal, Mesopotamia’s ruler of the dead, lives in a land of mushrooms and feathers and meathooks. All these things need to be rendered unto her to keep the lands of the living fit for the mortal beings.

Now, in the dark, in the hiatus, in the decrease of light, prepare the seed.


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