guest post: The Dark Side of Druidry

The Dark Side of Druidry.


Some are called to be activists and radicals. I admire their work, but it’s not work I can do, any more than I can carry a spear in the front lines against the legions (which is to say it’s possible but it would not be effective and it would not end well).

But I can do what the ancient Druids did. I can encourage those who are fighting the battles. I can support them physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

spear in treeI can be a Nature-loving presence in a Nature-exploiting world. I can raise awareness, but raising awareness is an overrated (or at least, overused) tactic. Thinking good thoughts is nice, but it only helps if those good thoughts turn into good actions. Bardic work can help people of good will to wake up and start doing something.


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