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imbolc blessing from @ADFDruidry

February 5, 2019

Earth Mother,

Spirits of Inspiration,


Nature Spirits,

Shining Ones,

Let me be creative;

Let fertility of mind, Body, And spirit

Be like a cornucopia

Where all good things come

From me And to me.

Let fertility nourish my Way.

And let bounty be my gift.

So Be It.




(also happy Lunar New Year of the Pig)


OBOD guest post by Philip Carr-Gomm: Planning a Happy New Year

December 31, 2017

janusPlanning a happy New Year

This time there is a Full Moon in a water trine for our Julian calendar New Year.  It’s only natural to feel especially sentimental and festive.   But introspection, such as this tradition of an ArchDruid  of OBOD,  will give our feelings a worthy focus.


‘It is tempting to want to follow the review process (part one) with this next stage (part 2)in the same session, and you can of course do this, but often this creates a sense of pressure in the review process – the ambitious part of the psyche is keen to get on to the next step of planning the future and short changes us on savouring and consolidating all that we have experienced in the period under review. So ideally wait a day or so before moving to this second phase.’

(Best to do one on New year’s Eve, and the other in January….)

‘There are many ways you can undertake this process of envisioning in this next stage, or this next period or year in your life. Here is one way: use the structure of the five elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit to help you create your future.

‘Light a candle to symbolise beginning – new light, a new start. Open yourself, first of all, to the vision of a year or period in which the very best occurs for you and those around you. You might do this with a prayer, a wish, a feeling of warmth and love – whatever comes naturally to you. Get a feel for how you would like the coming time to be – its qualities. Write these down to ground the ideas.

‘Then begin with Earth, and ask yourself (or yourselves if you are doing this as a couple, family or group) what you would like to achieve, resolve or create for your body, your health, your home, and your finances.

‘Then with Water – what would you like to achieve, resolve or create for your relationships, the life of your heart, your social life?

‘Air – what would you like to achieve, resolve or create for your cultural and intellectual life, for your life of learning and growing?

‘Fire – what would you like to achieve, resolve or create for your creative life?

‘Spirit – what would you like to achieve, resolve or create for your spiritual life?’

May 2018 be good to you all.

you matter

MARCH! vernal equinox 2017

March 13, 2017


I think this month is called ‘March’ because that is all we can do, especially if we are a band or a group or an army trying to get through the circle of the year.     Supplies put by in the autumn are running low.    Sure, the flocks have had babies and are growing on mothers milk,  but what about those mothers?  Certainly the days are longer, drawing equal again to the darkness.   but when a belly’s empty and the shit of winter is peeking out from the muddy snowbanks, it’s hard to care.


No food, no shelter, possibly with the wrong clothing, the troops have no recourse but to march. We follow the bird of omen toward where we hope against hope that the springtime, the first tender sprouts,  have already come forth.


A trout may have been frozen in place all the icy winter, but at the first trickle of current past its gills, awareness returns.  Trout face the current, minimizing energy expenditure, letting food morsels wash toward them.  At a suspicion of danger they dart in an explosive burst into cover of banks or branches.  They ‘spring’ fastest against the current! they do not drift in it overwhelmed, like dead things do.   The current detected assures them that they are alive.


It’s life or death time.   The Trail of Tears began in spring, a survival march in the face of oppression.   It seems as if absolutely everything that can go wrong at the Ides of March will do it.  Your toilet will clog.  The frameworks will rust though on your long-held plans.  You are free, all right, free to scavenge, free to march.  Sort through your life, so very alive and getting greener.  Pack up the best and travel on faith, because it will have to do.


Like the trout, just keep swimming.



face of rainbow trout by Mike Savlen



June Solstice Full Moon

June 16, 2016

A rare combination of events is on its way in late June, as the Full Moon appears on the same night as the June Solstice. A Full Moon hasn’t occurred on the same day as the Solstice since 1948, and this time, Slooh is here to broadcast it live.


During the show, Slooh Astronomers, Paul Cox and Bob Berman, will be on hand to discuss the rarity of such an event, and what exactly it means when they both occur at once. We will also be joined by our friends at The Old Farmer’s Almanac who will present the fascinating folklore surrounding the June Full Moon and the Solstice.

cavalorn: Eostre: The Making of a Myth

March 31, 2013

cavalorn: Eostre: The Making of a Myth.  Wonderful three-part exegesis of the myth-making process in ‘New Age’ religion, including Druidry!

cavalorn: Eostre: The Making of a Myth

Happy holy weekend.

It’s high Summer: Do you realize?? – The Flaming Lips[lyrics] – YouTube

July 8, 2012

Do you realize?? – The Flaming Lips[lyrics] – YouTube.

The time of Lugh the Long Hand, practitioner of all arts, is upon us, in the midst of Leo, ruled by the Sun. This particular year there are excessive floods in some places and scorching drought in other. But upon the whole, Earth continues to spin. Those in Southerm hemisphere are welcoming back


longer days. Here where my Grove is, the heat is at its peak, flowers bloom and wither, fruits swell and first harvest is upon us, as in the lovely video.

This year it feels too hot for Helgaleena to emulate a Burning Man. I will celebrate with a flame in my heart and wish to the sodden regions that they keep the candle lit.

Lesson 277: Infinite Peace

In the center of the rose
a diamond burns forever
larger than all the worlds
more brilliant than any sun.
In the Divine Heart
of the Beloved
Infinite Passion arises in
Infinite Peace.

– Jalal-ud-Din Rumi
(Translated by Andrew Harvey from A Year of Rumi)

Spring Cleaning yoga

March 11, 2012


From Chakra Healing and Karmic Awareness by Keith Sherwood (2005 Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul Mn USA)  :

“Below you will find a series of commitments that will sever your links to non-physical beings outside your energy field… and will bring you in accord with the will of the Self as it emerges through your higher and lower mind. In addition, these commitments will safeguard your energy field from any further intrusions of non-physical beings by strengthening your boundaries on all worlds anbd dimensions, including the world of spirit, intellect, soul, lower mind, world of the chakras, and the levels of the splenic chakras.

If you know it’s appropriate to make these commitments and you know you will keep them permanently, then simply read the commitments below, repeat them out loud, and affirm, “I agree to these three commitments.”

The first is:

“If  I have given permission or inadvertently given permission for any nonphysical beings to be in my world of my spirit, my world of my intellect, my world of my soul, my world of my chakras, my world of my lower mind, my level of my upper splenic chakra, and my level of my splenic chakra, I revoke that permission now and permanently in the future.”

The second is:

“It is my desire and my will that all non-physical beings depart from my world of my spirit, my world of my intellect, my world of my soul, my world of my chakras, my world of my lower mind, my level of my upper splenic chakra, and my level of my lower splenic chakra now, and remain permanently outside them in the future. I want you to leave now.”

The third is:

My world of my spirit, my world of my intellect, my world of my soul, my world of my chakras, my world of my lower mind, my level of my upper splenic chakra, and level of my splenic chakra are my sacred space. It is my desire and my will that they be occupied solely by myself and the light of God now and permanently in the future.”

If you know it’s appropriate to make these commitments and you know you will keep them for the rest of your life, affirm out loud, “I agree to these three commitments.”

By making these commitments (it’s only necessary to make them once) and keeping them, you will be taking responsibility for your inner life and will be committing yourself to a life of personal integrity and truth.  In addition, you will be signifying your intent to put union with the Self (god, universal life force) above the needs and desires of the mundane world which emergeexclusively from your individual mind and ego.

Many people before you have made these commitments and have experienced an immediate shift in their condition, as prana– which had been blocked and prevented from radiating freely by subfields of qualified energy and non-physical beings– is set free…Although you may not have been aware of the cause and effect relationship between non-physical beings within your energy field and your internal state of well-being, the fact is that non-physical beings integrated into and feeding from the individual mind and ego are the greatest cause of human suffering.”

More information on Keith Sherwood is available at

Helgaleena knows it is theseason for spring cleaning. In order to get anything in the external world accomplished, I needed first to do something about my personal condition. I dig out of the accumulated piles of exfoliated skin cells and dust bunnies and discover there is air warm enough to fling open a window or two. I spring forward.

If your personal domestic space is better order than mine, perhaps you are ready to journey forth to new dimensions. Bon voyage.


Special Samhain Treat

November 1, 2009

——>  <——

This is a link to where I have uploaded the latest issue of the Druid Inquirer, a free offering from the Reformed Druids of North America.

Mike put it in a members-only Yahoo group, RDNAtalk, instead of the usual place, but I’d like to get it to more viewers.

The occasion is that 1) Mike the Fool’s website is migrating away from Geocities this month so they aren’t available there until his new ‘org’ site is established,

2) it’s damn good, as usual, and pertinent to some of the ethnocentric squabbling I have been stepping in at Usenet’s alt.religion.druid

3) Dark Roast Press went into the erotic romance end with
Samhain’s Embrace by Jesse Fox,  (out of print, 2014)
as well as the all-ages horror business with Chris Newman’s
Tales from the Uprising,
and AP Miller’s
All Hallows Eve.  (out of print, 2014)
So I am in the mood to share.   New Dark Roast link

What would the ancestors want? is one timely question that arises in us now. They mainly want us to keep our DNA going, I reckon. But what else?

That has been tossing like salad in my head as I reread George Orwell and the Stargate Chronicles of McMoneagle.  And I hope it won’t be too costly to inter what is left of me when the time comes.  I do want to be recycled.