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guest post: Lughnasadh with OBOD’s Philip Carr-Gomm

August 8, 2018

Lughnasadh and tiredness: a meditation



Water lilies





Spiritual Stasis and the Void of Becoming — Philip Carr-Gomm guest post

September 4, 2017

Here we are, in the ‘dog days’ between the great North American Eclipse and the Neptunian Pisces full moon,  between the first and second harvest festivals,  waiting for Mercury to go direct and ripen our future.  Some of us feel like giving up, or as if we have lost direction.   OBOD ArchDruid Philip Carr-Gomm thinks that it may be time for the patience of stones.  Considered as the evidence of time itself, their formation can fill us with the ability to stop trying to ‘push the river’.

Take time to be still.  Growing goes at its own pace, likewise healing.   The wheel turns.



I have come to believe that on those occasion when the spark has deserted us – despite shaking a fist or two at the gods and bemoaning the fact that our inner compass feels out of whack – this fallow place is the most fertile of voids; our old self – whether we know it or not – is redundant and gradually dissolving. Any forward movement, no matter how desperately we desire it, will not happen until our new and more authentic shape is fully formed and ready to break out of the fragile boundary of our old being. This all happens in a subtle way beneath our surface; we become like winter soil, still, dark, resting but full of potential.



The Sápara Nation vs. the Slimy Oil Mungia guest re-post

August 14, 2017

The Sapara Nation versus the Slimy Oil Mungia –re-postmanari-ushigua

High summer moon’s 4th quarter turning the wheel

August 12, 2012

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Giuseppe Arcimboldo(1527–1593)

Constructing an enemy « Druid Life

August 9, 2012

Constructing an enemy « Druid Life.

This is by my British Druid friend Nimue Brown.

“However, most of us use concepts of opposition to help develop a sense of self. We know who we are, in part by being able to point at what we are not. To do this in any meaningful way, it is necessary to know the ‘other’ or we may just be indulging our prejudices. Sometimes what we hate most in others, is a reflection of the things we do not like about ourselves, so looking deeply is important or we can easily miss something…”

It’s high Summer: Do you realize?? – The Flaming Lips[lyrics] – YouTube

July 8, 2012

Do you realize?? – The Flaming Lips[lyrics] – YouTube.

The time of Lugh the Long Hand, practitioner of all arts, is upon us, in the midst of Leo, ruled by the Sun. This particular year there are excessive floods in some places and scorching drought in other. But upon the whole, Earth continues to spin. Those in Southerm hemisphere are welcoming back


longer days. Here where my Grove is, the heat is at its peak, flowers bloom and wither, fruits swell and first harvest is upon us, as in the lovely video.

This year it feels too hot for Helgaleena to emulate a Burning Man. I will celebrate with a flame in my heart and wish to the sodden regions that they keep the candle lit.

Lesson 277: Infinite Peace

In the center of the rose
a diamond burns forever
larger than all the worlds
more brilliant than any sun.
In the Divine Heart
of the Beloved
Infinite Passion arises in
Infinite Peace.

– Jalal-ud-Din Rumi
(Translated by Andrew Harvey from A Year of Rumi)

Lughnasadh and the flame in us

August 7, 2009

This is the time of the harvest of first fruits. This is the time of burning. What is the connection?

The connection is to study the ur-form of all things living at an esoteric level, as Goethe did the plant world.  Plants are amazing creatures of earth which transform water and air into the flame of life.  They display their flame at the tops as flower, their sexual organs.

We are also living beings who flower and fruit and reproduce in our season.   As we reach this time of first harvest, the hot zenith of the year cycle, the soil is dry and thirsty for extra nourishment because of all that has been expended in fruiting.  Gardeners if they are wise water well and apply side dressings of compost.  But for our ancestors this often meant sacrifices and ashes.  Once harvesting was under way, feasting, choosing, raiding, trading also began.

The most easy sacrifice is songs and dances of thanks.  The time of Lugh master of all trades and crafts, humanity strutting its multiple accomplishments before potential partners, is upon us.  View ye the line of eligible partners swaying and giving voice to the fullness of their flowering. Build up the bonfires that rid us of chaff and sprinkle upon the fields the straw and the ashes, to keep the harvest coming.

From my roots I drew what I needed to grow into the shape I am now. And behold I am of good shape and accomplished.  With my skills I forged many fine creations which I now exchange with you.  I sing and you hear me and draw near to my heart, filling it to overflowing.  Our fragrance fills the night as incense.  This is the flowering time.  This is the burning time.  Dross becomes fuel becomes soil for the future.

Water liliesLughnasadh