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White Rabbit Grove statement on state air quality for 2019

May 17, 2018
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 2019 Air Monitoring Network Plan – Proposed
healing line <>,Sen. Miller,Rep. Anderson
May 17 at 11:37 AM

Please consider this my public comment upon this Air Quality Monitoring Plan for 2019.

First I would like to congratulate the state DNR for updating to the higher particulate monitoring standard.  also it seems that urban pollution is actually decreasing overall.  However,  This 2019 plan has significant lapses.

THERE IS NO HYDROCARBON or HALIDE monitoring, although these substances have a significant effect on human health.  Recently a refinery with permit violations exploded in Superior WI causing a city-wide evacuation.  I hope that emergency air quality monitoring of some sort will be done, but at the public meeting there was no reassurance to be had for a Dane County resident (Marshall, site of a petroleum pipeline) whose health is significantly impacted by auto-immune responses to the petroleum based in the local air.

Supposedly due to budget constraints, the state does not monitor INDUSTRIAL sites; rather as part of permitting they are promising to monitor themselves.  But the data collected from this monitoring IS NOT AVAILABLE to the public, and DNR does not have its OWN MONITORS near these sites, as it is considered a redundancy.  The foxes are in charge of the hens when it comes to industry compliance.

Another controversial source of pollutants for 2019 may be the FOXCONN development in the southeast lakeshore area.  The water used by this international corporation has already been promised, from a neighboring watershed instead of the Great Lakes, which is going to be a tragedy for those inland from the site.  The DNR 2019 proposal does NOT contain any additional monitoring for this area, besides the existing ozone and near-highway programs.  Paper-milling areas are presently monitored for heavy metals, esp. mercury but the FOXCONN development area is not getting any. I suppose the present DNR would consider this monitoring ‘redundant,’ once again leaving an overseas ‘fox’ in charge of the air for us citizen ‘chickens.’

The problem is said to be a dearth of funds available. That is why I am sending this comment also to my elected representatives from Monona, WI district.  I would very much like for the industrial permitting process provisions for ‘self-monitoring ‘ to include state compliance monitoring costs.  These monitoring stations need to be under STATE control, not the industry itself.

Additionally, the petrochemical industry is currently getting too much support nationally and the only hope for the folks on the ground rests with state regulations.  Superior, Wisconsin tragedy, and the ongoing resistance to pipelines through our state is a wake-up call that monitoring of all effluents from petrochemicals need to be identified and regulated, as human health is already being compromised.

Thank you for your kind attention to this.


AD White Rabbit Grove RDNA
box 6121 Monona WI 53716
          My Grove is a very small place on a hilltop, surrounded by the dwellings of other humans, but we do see quite a lot of wildlife despite that.  It gives a feeling of accomplishment to raise my voice for all beings of the Grove, who otherwise would not be taken into account by the skimpy scientific monitoring of our health.
I encourage other humans to do the same for the places where you dwell.
Runoff from a boney dump

Best Buttermilk Smoothie —

August 28, 2013

— brought to you by the double trine in the heavens, and the dog days of August. It is International Women’s Day, International Dog Week, and really hot at the Grove.


Wecan’t do much about the rest of the species, but this will steady your nerves if you have a blender.


six ice cubes

one frozen banana

one cup cultured buttermilk

one teaspoon brewers yeast or yeast extract

one packet stevia or your preferred sweetener



First crush the ice cubes on pulse.  Then add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth, with sufficient extra water to keep it quiet. 

Drink through wide straw or use spoon.

Constructing an enemy « Druid Life

August 9, 2012

Constructing an enemy « Druid Life.

This is by my British Druid friend Nimue Brown.

“However, most of us use concepts of opposition to help develop a sense of self. We know who we are, in part by being able to point at what we are not. To do this in any meaningful way, it is necessary to know the ‘other’ or we may just be indulging our prejudices. Sometimes what we hate most in others, is a reflection of the things we do not like about ourselves, so looking deeply is important or we can easily miss something…”

The Big Idea: Catherine Lundoff – Scalzi’s Whatever guest post

May 24, 2012

The Big Idea: Catherine Lundoff – Whatever.

Catherine Lundoff writes FF books. I think she’s onto something when she says,
The werewolves of Wolf’s Point are called into being by the ancient magic of the place where they live. It picks and chooses which women will serve as the valley’s protectors, deciding who will change and who will not, based on a logic all its own. Sometimes, it makes mistakes.

Becca thinks she might be one of the latter; it must have meant to pick someone else and somehow got her by mistake. But then, she thinks that about a lot of things. In this respect, Becca was a hard character for me to write. Like her, I’m a middle-aged woman just entering menopause. Unlike her, I’m not terribly introspective or insecure about what I’m doing. Of course, I’m also not dealing with the changes she’s wrestling with.

That, really, was what I was hoping to capture in this novel: the experience of change, both physical and psychological, that is absolutely earth shattering. I wanted to examine what an ordinary woman does with those kinds of events. Menopause is a time in a woman’s life where her body feels like it’s transforming into something else, something alien, and potentially monstrous. Not unlike changing into a werewolf…

The Big Idea: Catherine Lundoff – Whatever

I am Helga the Hutt on the Internet. I too feel the monster in me like an inner truth that cannot be ignored. Writing and making art are ways of handling that discomfort with what I am, instead of what I have been told to be, by forces internal and external. It is a dilemma all humans face, I think.

That is is triggered in her tale by the place makes it Druid. We all become the place where we live for a longer time, drinking its water and eating the crops and creatures grown on its soil. Subtle forces too, whether ley lines or radons, impact us as greatly as architecture.

We are monsters.

only less fun, at least from my perspective.

The Censorgasm

February 28, 2012


The Censorgasm.

Paypal and other credit corporations are attempting to prohibit the sale of online erotica they think is too immoral, by their arbitrary standards.

Helgaleena says that they might change those standards at any time to prohibit the Healing Line. But Nature made these imaginings, even the horrifying and disgusting ones. Nature is good, even when it isn’t what nourishes our little bodies and brains.

Samahain Hits me in the Press this year!

October 31, 2009

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